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Spell Kit

Getting started with spell work


For those of you considering exploring the magickal world of Wicca, welcome! The moment you decide to commit to the Wiccan faith can be a mixture of exciting and scary. You might be worried about all the money you’ll need to spend on spell and witchcraft supplies.


Well, don’t fret too much. Moon’s Light Magic has all the Wiccan supplies you need to get started on your quest for spiritual enlightenment, from your very first blank Wiccan book of shadows to a wide variety of powerful herbs. We even carry a large selection of spell kits to get you started on your enchanted journey.


Each spell kit has been assembled for a specific spell and contains all the tools you need to complete the charm, as well as instructions on how to carry it out perfectly.


The Get a Job Boxed Spell Kit, for example, comes with eight necessary supplies that will aid you in your job search. Among them is a New Beginnings ritual candle, charcoal, an herbal spell mix and a gold toned mojo coin that’s inscribed with powerful, prosperity-harnessing symbols. The proper performance of this spell can lead to you landing your dream job.


Maybe you’ve been feeling a bit lonely in the love department. Love spells are always very popular, and the Enhance Your Love Life Boxed Spell Kit has what you need to help ease your aching heart. It includes an herbal mix to enhance attraction, a lust ritual candle and an amulet inscribed with ancient rune that draw upon the great love between Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere.


There are many more boxed spell kits to choose from, each costing only $21.95. Before you go full force into spell casting, make sure to read this handy post on how to cast a spell to ensure a more successful experience.


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