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Wiccan Friend

Being a Wiccan, you know the importance of community. Our beliefs are often misinterpreted or misunderstood, leading to very negative assumptions and stereotypes about us being perpetuated.


The good thing is that the Internet has enabled Pagans and Wiccans to find more like-minded people all over the world who share their beliefs, interests, and sense of spirituality. And with social media, we are able to dispel those negative, often silly thoughts and labels placed on us.


Facebook is an especially good place to find communities of Wiccans and Pagans like you. With 1.19 billion users currently liking, poking, and sharing bits of their life on the social media website, it’s no surprise that you can find a group or page to join or follow.


Here are a few Facebook groups and pages we have found that you might be interested in checking out:


Wiccan Wellness offers health and wellness advice and tips with a Wiccan perspective. It is run by a holistic health coach who lives a pagan lifestyle.  Past posts gave info on GMOs, healing herbs, fun DIY projects, and the benefits of butter.


The About Pagan/Wiccan Page is a must-like for many reasons. They have a large followship, so you’re able to meet new people by simply engaging and commenting on posts. It’s hard not to do so anyway since the page offers regular posts on everything from interesting spells and DIY tips for making your own spell work tools, to news and information relevant to Wiccan living and funny photos. It really has everything.  Fascinating discussions often occur in the comments section, so don’t be afraid to chime in.


Wiccan Parents is a great place for moms and dads raising a little coven. The Facebook community allows parents of Wiccan faith to meet, talk, and exchange useful tips and info on raising a family with Wiccan values.


Finally, make sure to like Moon’s Light Magic’s Facebook page. We share regular information about our products, blog posts on spell work and tools, and provide links to Wiccan supplies essential to our belief system, including Wiccan Book of shadows and athame. Plus, we like to talk to folks who share our spiritual path.


A simple Facebook search provides hundreds of other pages and groups for Wiccans. You’re not alone out there, and the Internet is here to remind you.

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