wiccan book of shadows

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Wiccan Book of Shadows

As Halloween draws closer, I have been frequently asked—what is a Book of Shadows? It is mentioned frequently in everything from television to cosmetics, but most people do not understand what the Wiccan Book of Shadows is, much less its importance.


A Wiccan Book of Shadows—often referred to as “BOS”—is a sacred tool commonly used by Wiccans to record the rules, laws, rituals, recipes, and spells they use in the Wiccan tradition. The Book of Shadows was revolutionized in the 1940s, and has gone on to become ubiquitous in Wiccan homes. A Book of Shadows is an object personal to each individual that creates it although it may be used on a personal level or group level.

Commonly, a Wiccan Book of Shadows is used to remember the requirements of a spell, the preparation, and the results. They can be handwritten or typed—there are no strict rules concerning either of these, so you can choose whatever option is more convenient. The Book of Shadows is incredibly powerful in order to remember and keep track of your spells, and allows you to become more effective over time.  Besides spells that you have already accomplished, the Book of Spells is also useful to keep track of spells, rituals, or chants you would like to try in the future. Although the Book of Shadows is very useful for keep note of past acts, it is not used for personal reflection—that is a purpose meant for the Book of Mirrors.

To end, it is important to note that you do not have to be Wiccan to use a Book of Shadows. Many people outside of a coven can create a Book of Shadows, and use it for their personal uses.

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