Wiccan Altar

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Wiccan Altar

The soul like the body must be fed. It must receive emotional and spiritual sustenance if it is to survive. Not all Wiccans and Pagans are within a coven; which makes “going to church” a bit of a challenge. Alas most of Wiccans and Pagans are solitary. So how do you care for your spiritual needs? Where is your sacred space? I have found that no matter where I live, or how many other pagans I know, I always take solace and comfort in my Wiccan altar. The Wiccan altar is as unique as every Pagan, Wiccan and Heathen who use them. Whether you are in the “broom closet” or a publicly known practitioner, the Wiccan altar is the epicenter of our spiritual selves. Here is where we make offerings to spirits and Divine beings. We light our candles to bring us health, strength or wealth.

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This is where we make our magic happen! There exists a wide assortment of Wiccan altars for you to choose from. Each one being unique to the purpose favorite of mine is a tall plain black table that is perfect for putting into the hall, or any public area of the home. I have always found it comforting to see an altar set up where anyone of the house hold can light incense or a candle. I have also known those who have small intimate alters that are set up in a small corner in the bedroom, that is just for the use of one person, and their spiritual work. You could even have a portable alter for those of you who are constantly on the road, no need to leave your spirituality behind! A Wiccan altar must speak to and about its user. Find one that is as unique as you, it is out there waiting on you to find it.

Do you want something plain and simple, or perhaps something of intricate Celtic knot carvings into wood? There are also you can have a statue of the fairy folk or a dragon with a glass top. Personalize it to fit you, as you are the one using it. A question I am often asked is, “How should I set up my Wiccan altar?” There are numerous books that will give you diagrams and page after page of how to set up an altar. I suggest you reading a few of them; however I also tell folks that you should do what feels right to you. Be as elaborate and colorful as you wish. This is your spiritual path, it is about you so fill it with objects that define your true self. Go find your altar and in the process you can build your spiritual self.

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