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Using Energy

Using Energy- Energy is certainly the most important aspect when it comes down to rituals and spells, for it is, in essence, the basic building block that makes your spells and rituals successful.

Using energy wisely while performing spells and rituals is what really “makes magic happen” as it where.

In this posting, we are going to go over some helpful steps in ensuring that you make good use of the energy you will be putting into rituals and spells.

To begin, let us talk about meditation and how important it is for any form of ritualistic intent. The better and longer you can meditate the more effective you can utilize your energy.

Everyone is different when it comes down to meditation, and we all have our own methods as to what works and what does not. For those individuals who have trouble knowing how to make your energy flow through meditation, here is an example visual you can use.

Begin by imagining a blue field of glowing energy pulsing brightly within your mind. Keep this image focused for as long as possible, and imagine that the pulsing grows stronger and stronger the more you focus on it. If you feel comfortable that you have achieved a good visual, then begin to imagine that energy expanding out from the field and through your body.

A good way to know this is working for you is by feeling your body. If it begins to grow warm or you feel tingling sensations, then you know you are on track.

The more you perform this technique, the better it get in time, so we suggest that you practice it at least four times a week.

Using the above example to visualize energy flowing in meditation, we can take that method and then apply it to whatever ritual or spell we may be working on. For example, if you are performing a ritual to attract more money or wealth, you can imagine that blue field of pulsing energy in your mind, and then imagine yourself within that field with a pile of money, or, money slowly raining down on you from all over.

If you are using a candle with your ritual, you can take your hands and cup each side of the candle and imagine the energy in your mind flowing from you and into the candle. The more energy you can put into the candle, the more effective it will be as it burns down, releasing that energy you put into it so that it hopefully comes back around and grants you your intention or wish.

Energy can also be effective in protecting yourself from negative energies and psychic attacks. In order to do this, imagine the blue pulsing field in your mind and just picture that energy surrounding your body in an invisible bubble of energy, in effect, giving you a shield over your entire body that will repel these negative energies and influences.

These are just a few examples of the many things you can do further increase your energy output in spells and rituals. Many items can also be used to amplify or properly direct your energy such as wands, athames, amulets, and various talismans.

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