Shipping & Returns

Accepted Forms of Payment-We accept visa, master card, American express, and paypal via our website.


Inventory- Many of our products will show as in stock on our website when they are in stock at our store. For any products listed as out of stock they are currently on back order and this means we are awaiting for the product to arrive back in. Product restock levels are always changing and arrivals on back orders will depend on the manufacture where we get the products from. For our own line of products back orders will be filled within days of them being placed.

Back orders- If you placed an order via our website and it showed as in stock yet you received your order and there was a product on back order then this means we ran out of stock by the time your order was up for fulfillment. Back orders are automatically placed and we will ship the item to you at our own expense when the product comes back into stock.

Shipping Times-Orders can take 10 business days before they ship (this does NOT includes actual shipping times). We ship all orders via USPS and UPS and we do charge a $5 handling and processing fee which is automatically charged with the shipping costs on check out. We charge this fee to cover the cost of packing material that we use to protect your items from being damaged during shipping. We do NOT control the USPS or UPS so once your order has left our doors it is beyond our control as to when your order will arrive to you and this will vary depending on the carrier you are using and the method in which you decided to ship it. (For example first class mail, priority, parcel post, ground, etc). If you place an order and do NOT let us know that you need it rushed or sent to you by a certain day within the “comments” box section of the check out then your order is going to be processed normally and we will not cancel your order or refund your money if it goes past the day or time you need it. This is VERY important so ensure if you need your order rushed that you let us know.

Returns-We do accept returns whether through our store or via our website. Our return policy is as follows for internet orders: For any items or products that arrive at your door and are damaged in some way please return them to the address above. You can either be credited for your order or a replacement will be sent back to you if it is in stock. We do require for all customers who return products and merchandise to pay for the shipping, other than that there is no cost to you. ALL INTERNET SALE ORDERS ARE FINAL unless the order is received damaged but this will depend on many factors as there are times we do allow for exchanges under certain circumstances. For in store returns the policy is similar as to our website with slight differences. If you purchase an item in our store and it breaks or you are not happy with it you have seven days to return the product for a full refund or you may request an exchange for a different product.

International Orders- We do accept international orders and we ship all over the world. International policies are the same as described above within the US however, we do NOT pay for duty fees as this is the responsibility of you the customer to pay for them if you wish to have your product released by customs. Returns and exchanges are also the same as the US and yes Canada is considered international.

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