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Pennyroyal has numerous benefits medicinally however, caution must be used with pennyroyal as it is a highly toxic plant and must be used in small doses.



Pennyroyal has numerous benefits medicinally however, caution must be used with pennyroyal as it is a highly toxic plant and must be used in small doses.

* Anti Microbial & Anti Bacterial: The anti microbial and anti bacterial properties of pennyroyal are outcomes of its toxicity. Even in trace quantities (such as parts per million), how deadly poison this oil might be for those tiny microscopic living beings (microbes) if it is so deadly for humans that even a few milliliters can cause death. It kills the microbes and bacteria and protects us from infections caused by them.

* Anti Rheumatic & Anti Arthritic: The derivative property, the numbing effect of penny royal magical herb on the nerves and its cordial and stimulating effects on the blood circulation together make it an ideal combination as an anti rheumatic and anti arthritic medicine. Being a derivative, pennyroyal promotes removal of toxins like uric acid from the body, thereby eradicating the biggest cause behind rheumatism. The numbing effect on the nerves helps withstand the pain of rheumatism and arthritis. Its cordial or warming effect warms up the affected place and gives a better feeling and finally, its stimulating effect on the blood circulation which increases blood circulation, brings warmth to the affected places and also cures them because obstructed circulation is another reason behind rheumatism and arthritis.

* Anti Septic: Wounds and internal organs, particularly the urinary tracts, urethra, kidneys and uterus, may become septic due to infection by the germs. The highly poisonous behavior of penny royal herb makes it an anti septic, since it kills the germs or bacteria which causes septic. But penny royal should be used in very mild doses as it is highly poisonous and irritant.

* Astringent: Traditionally, Pennyroyal has been in use as a gum strengthener which is probably due to its astringent properties, which makes the gums to contract and tighten their grip on the teeth. The effects of its astringency can also be felt on the other parts of the body as this property induces contraction in other muscles too and tightens them, pulls up the loose hanging skin, gives a face lift, strengthens hair roots and helps stop hemorrhage by contracting the blood vessels.

* Cordial: Due to its stimulating property, Penny Royal increases blood circulation which in turn warms up the whole body, thus behaving as a cordial. This warming effect gives relief from feeling of cold resulting from fever.

* Decongestant: The toxicity of pennyroyal makes it an anti viral and fights infections in the lungs. This also loosens the phlegm and catarrh deposition in the lungs and the respiratory tracts and promote their expectoration. This way, it behaves as a decongestant for the lungs.

* Depurative: There are certain reports which say that penny royal herb can be used as a depurative, that is, a blood purifier. Certain components of this oil may help neutralize the toxins in the blood. As it promotes blood circulation, it also helps proper mixing of fresh oxygen with the blood and this way it may purify blood.

* Digestive: The herb Penny Royal has been in use in the folk medicines to facilitate digestion. This property is also reportedly present in its essential oil and it promotes digestion by stimulating secretion of digestive juices.

* Emenagogue: This is the well proven and well known property of Pennyroyal. It opens blocked and delayed menstruation and makes them more regular by stimulating production of certain hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

* Insecticide: As this oil is toxic to human and other animals, it is toxic to insects too. It is a very efficient insect killer and is very effective if used in fumigants, sprays and vaporizers.

* Stomachic: Used in very low doses, pennyroyal can cure stomach problems and can settle the stomach. It cures infections in the stomach, helps maintain acid-base balance in the stomach by stimulating secretion of acids and bile into the stomach and also soothes inflammations and irritations in it.

* Other Benefits: It is also used to treat flatulence, ailments pertaining to gall bladder and liver, jaundice and hepatitis and tumors.

If you use Pennyroyal in your rituals and spells use it specifically for peace and tranquility; protection; exorcism(very effective); consecration rituals, and purification.

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