Lite Weight Herbal Tea

Lite Weight Herbal Tea- With this Lady’s Choice Lite Weight Herbal Tea, speed metabolism and retard appetite.


Lite Weight Herbal Tea

Lite Weight Herbal Tea- With this Lady’s Choice Lite Weight Herbal Tea, speed metabolism and retard appetite with this blend of sarsaparilla, licorice, fennel seed, corn silk, horehound, bladderwrack, hawthorn berries, echinacea, chickweed, burdock root, parsley, kelp, black walnut, kola nuts, yerba mate, cleavers, plantain, spearmint and oatstraw.

Sarsaparilla-it is thought that the phytosterols sarsaparilla within sarsaparilla contains stimulates growth hormone-like activity in the body

Licorice-enhance immunity by boosting levels of interferon, a key immune system chemical that fights off attacking viruses.

Fennel Seed-aid in digestion after a rich meal while acting as a herbal mouth freshener

Corn Silk-has been known to be effective in helping with weightloss

Horehound-Horehound is also thought to aid digestion by helping to regulate blood sugar levels after meals

Bladderwrack-main use of the herb has been for the stimulation of the thyroid gland as a treatment for obesity and cellulite. The high iodine content of the herb stimulates thyroid function which boosts metabolism

Hawthorn Berries-Hawthorne Berry can rid the body of excess salt as well as to reduce water retention. As a strong antioxidant, Hawthorne Berry may also protect the immune system in a number of ways

Echinacea-Echinacea stimulates the immune system and it promotes T-cell activation while it increases the activity of the immune system

Chickweed-as an excess-fat reducer because of its mild diuretic and laxative effects

Burdock Root-contains beneficial fatty acids. The oil from burdock can be used as a diaphoretic, which leads to increased perspiration, which is essential in cleansing the body of toxins or harmful elements.

Parsley-It settles the stomach, acts as a diuretic, and The high content of vitamin C is not only useful in its own right, but also assists the absorption of the valuable quantity of iron(iron is an important piece to help build muscle and muscle burns more fat)

Kelp-Contains iodine that is important for thyroid hormone, which absorbs iodide ions from your blood to make and release hormones back into the blood there by stimulating the thyroid. Most over weight individuals have under stimulated thyroids and with proper care, a more active thyroid can aid in weight loss tremendously

Black Walnut-is able to burn up excessive toxins and fatty materials to help breakdown and oxidize fat

Kola Nut-kola nut contains caffeine and caffeine can help speed up your heart rate which in turns, burns more fat

Yerba Mate-yerba mate is widely proven to aid boost energy levels and contains numerous vitamins and minerals. Highly potent fat burner and anti-oxidant that rivals only green tea in it’s benefits.

Cleavers-diuretic and is a great source vitamin C

Plantain(Banana)-banana is known to promote healthy digestion and create a feeling of youthfulness. It enhances calcium, phosphorous and nitrogen retention which in turn helps in the regeneration of healthy tissues

Spearmint-increases your metabolism and helps in burning the fat

Oatstraw-libido enhancement, detoxification and energy boosting, among others

Use Lite Weight Herbal Tea before any rituals or spells that involve loosing weight to amplify the effects.

Lady’s Choice Lite Weight Herbal Tea Specifications:

Loose tea

one package is enough for 5 + cups

Not to be used as a substitute for a doctor`s care

All natural herbs

Package contents are safe for human consumption

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