celtic cross spread

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Celtic Cross Spread

How to Perform a Celtic Cross Spread

Instructions on How to Perform a Celtic Cross Spread is one of the most famous Tarot spreads used by both beginners and more advanced readers alike. In this article, you will find an easy and practical guide to performing and a Celtic Cross Spread.

The first step in creating the Celtic Cross Spread is to find a quiet or sacred space in which you will not be disturbed. It does not necessarily have to be indoors; but if reading outdoors be sure the weather is calm and that there is adequate privacy.

Once you have found your space, sit in a comfortable position, either on the floor or a chair and set down the Tarot Card Deck in front of you. Take a few minuets to quiet the ego and get into a calm state of mind. Take a deep breath. You may play relaxing music, light some candles, or burn some incense…the purpose here to create an atmosphere in which you are calm and comfortable.

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So now you have found your space and created a calm and comfortable atmosphere. Now it is time to perform the Divination for your Celtic Cross Spread. It is assumed up until this point the querent already has a question in mind…if not, now would be a good time to think of a question. Once you have a question in mind simply recite this prayer three times:

“May the wisdom of tarot open my eyes
and let me see clear as the bright blue skies”

Now you are truly ready to begin the Celtic Cross Spread.

Step 1: Shuffle the cards while meditating on your question. It does not have to be a long or short shuffle, whenever your intuition tells you to stop, do so.

Step 2: After the cards are shuffled you will lay down the first card in front of you. This card is to be drawn from the top of the pile. This is called the Significator Card. And it will be a direct snapshot of your current disposition in life.

Step 3: Draw the next card. This card is to be placed directly on top of the Signficator horizontally. In other words, they are perpendicular, overlapping eachother, and form an equal armed cross. This position represents energies in your life that are directly influencing you. For example, if this card is favorable it is a force that is helping or assisting you. If the card is more negative in nature, it is more likely to be a force acting against or in spite of you.

Step 4: The third card is placed directly above the Significator. This position represents what you are currently focusing on overall, what you have been paying most attention to in your life. So if the card placed here is a knight of pentacles, you are most likely focusing on a young handsome male with dark features.

Step 5:  Draw the fourth card and place it directly underneath the Significator. This is the position of events that have happened in your recent past, up to the extent of five years, that are playing an important role in your current situation and should be highly contemplated as to their meaning.

Step 6: The Fifth card is placed directly to the right of the Significator. The Fifth card here is symbolic of your distant past. From 5+ Years. If reading for a teenager it will be their childhood. If reading for an adult it will be their teenage years. If reading for an eldery querent it will be their early adult life. Some situations in these stages of our lives tend to resurface if they are left unresolved. Again, it is important to contemplate cards indicating the past.

Step 7: The Sixth Card is placed immediately to the Left of the Significator. This is the card of the Future. It is a direct representation of energies/situations that are most likely to manifest in the near future. For example, if the Ten of Pentacles is placed here, expect to see financial or domestic fortunes in the upcoming months. So now you have Six Cards laid out and are ready to move on to the final four cards of the Celtic Cross Spread.

Step 8: You will create a vertical column of four cards directly to the right of the spread of six cards. Start with placing the first card on the bottom; this is the position which represents the Querent’s/reader’s attitude. It is the symbolic representation of how the querent is approaching the issue at hand.

Step 9: Directly above the previous card is the environment position. The card placed here will represent how other people in your life see you. It gives the reader a general idea of where they stand in regards to group dynamics or environmental settings. For example, if the card here is the Five of Wands, most likely there is some competition at work or a struggle for power of some sort.

Step 10: Again, this card is placed above the previous and will symbolize the querent’s deepest desires. Going back to the example of the Knight of Pentacles, if the reader sees a 10 of cups in the “deepest desires” position, most likely the querent has a deep desire to start a family with that particular person. However, if the card here is Negative in nature, say the Death Card or the Devil, then the deepest desires becomes the deepest fears. Needless to say this position can either indicate the deepest desires or deepest fears of the querent.

Step 11: The Final Card is placed above the previous and is the most important card in the spread. This is the card that should be taken as the literal and practical answer to the original question. If the question is about Love, and the card here is the Ace of Cups, all signs point to yes. Just so, if the question is about love, and the card that shows up here is the Devil, then expect a more negative outcome. However it is important to take all readings with a healthy grain of salt, as well as take into consideration how all the cards combine to create one big picture or message.
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Optional Techniques on How to Perform a Celtic Cross Spread:

A. If one possess such knowledge, one may cast a circle of white light around the reading area to ward off surrounding energies. More information on how to do this can be found from another source.

B. If reading about another person that is not physically present, the reader may use a card to represent the person and place that card underneath the Significator. For instance, if reading about an Adult Male Pisces the King of Cups should be used. Or if reading about an Adolescent Female Leo the Page/Princess of Wands should be used. Utilize the sun sign and which of the four elements it attributes to.

C. After shuffling cut the deck three times. Place the full deck in front of you. This will be “Deck A”. Remove a select number of cards and place them to the right of the deck These cards will be “Deck B”. Remove a select number of cards from “Deck B” and place them on top of “Deck A”. Then Place Deck B on top of “Deck A”

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