Pentacle Meaning

Explanation of Pentacle Meaning

The pentacle has been a symbol that has been around for hundreds of years, perhaps even longer, and is often associated with Wicca, tarot cards, and various other Neo Pagan beliefs and theologies. The pentacle meaning can represent several different things, and uses of the pentacle can have a wide range as well including protection and spirit summoning.

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It is believed that the current day pentacle meaning came about from the days of Solomon, who had taken the Jewish star and had modified it in such a way as to use it as a symbol of protection and entrapment for spirits and demons. When a pentacle is used for spirit and demon entrapment or invocation, it is placed on the ground and then a ritual would commence that would actually summon or call out to the spirit or demon. Upon a successful summons, the spirit or demon would be trapped within the confines of the pentacle itself, unable to escape. This would then allow the invoker the means to ask the spirits or demons questions, or perhaps even perform various tasks.

The pentacle meaning can be even deeper when it is implied in the realm of tarot readings and tarot cards. Within tarot, the pentacle is shown within minor Arcana cards and represents either the element Earth or can have a more divine meaning representing spiritual faith or beliefs. Depending on how or where they are laid out in a given spread, the pentacle meaning on each tarot card is completely up to the interpretation 0f the tarot reader, but most pentacle meanings in a spread is usually reflected as positive or “neutral”. Depending on the tarot deck, pentacles may even be shown as coins instead, as it is the coins that are the original and more traditional representation. The popular Rider Waite Tarot Cards was the first set to actually use pentacles in a spread, and this has since been adopted by many other tarot card artists and publishers.

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The pentacle meaning in the Golden Dawn system is one of a magical shield, where practitioners often wear a pentacle as a belt buckle or a patch over the breast.

Most traditionalists within various faiths will often hold the “true” pentacle meaning by using it on parchment as a seal for various rituals and invocations. Pentacles in this fashion are often associated with such things as the Key of Solomon and Goetia, all teachings from Solomon himself where he makes heavy use of pentacles as wards, glyphs, seals, and signs.

The pentacle meaning should never be confused with the Satanic pentagram, for even though they look similar, the Satanic pentagram is tilted off to the side and usually has a double circle, where the pentacle is five pointed and not tilted in anyway. It is not uncommon however for beginners or individuals new to the craft to mix the two up and use one instead of the other thinking they are using the proper symbol. This can often lead to disaster in many ways, especially for individuals who believe they are using the pentacle and are instead using a Satanic pentagram, for those individuals could unknowingly summon demons. The demons will then be lose to do as they please, for the pentagram is meant to strengthen the summons of demons, where the pentacle is meant to entrap and hold them.

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The pentacle meaning can be seen as many different things, but no matter what that is, or what faith it is, one commonality is that the pentacle is a symbol that represents Earth, Air, Fire, Water at each of its five points and the Spirit as the center.

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