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    So I suppose I should give an intro. My name is Sarah. I keep my spiritual name secret. It has changed and adapted over the years throught my growth. I began my spiritual path as a small child. I saw and spoke with spirits and had a natural gift for healing myself and others, according to my parents. In 1997 my best friend introduced me to witchcraft. I fell in love instantly and have been practicing. My beliefs and methods have evolved many times over as I was only 14 when that began. I teach witchcraft and witch-crafting to my children. My formerly catholic, then Buddhist, then catholic mother is now my pupil as a 63 year old baby witch. My kids are 4 and 6, nearly 7, and LOVE the craft. They are hooked. I love witchy film, youtube, books, music, events, my coven, my solitary time, nature, my 6 cats and 8 dogs, the big wood we live in, our food garden, crafting, and always unapologetically being a weird goth mum in a small country town. Blessings.