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Magical Herbs

Magical Herbs In Wiccan Supplies-Having Magical Herbs In Wiccan Supplies can be very beneficial, not only medicinally as a natural means to help fight against less sever ailments, they can be a very powerful addition to your rituals and spells when used correctly.

Using Magical Herbs In Herbs In Wiccan Supplies for Rituals And Spells

Many Magical Herbs can serve the same purpose of the same rituals and spells, and it could be a good idea to mix herbs that serve these similar functions to enhance the potency of whatever ritual or spell you may be performing.

The best way to use Magical Herbs are to use them as a compliment to other ritual tools you may be using.

For example, if you are using a cauldron in any ritual you can place whatever Herbs In Wiccan Supplies you are using into this cauldron and then get the herbs to smolder and smoke. This is the best method to release the energies and properties within the herbs. Just having the herbs sitting besides you in a bowl, dish, or cauldron will not do you much good. The smoke from the herbs can actually carry into the air and strengthen your own magickal energies to your spells and rituals.

Another method for using Magical Herbs would be to place them in a velveteen bag, tie it tightly, and then place your spell OVER the bag. The magickal energies you place on the herbs within the bag will then be contained within the bag itself and you can then carry it with you in your pocket or around your neck as a charm. Velveteen bags are excellent for this purpose because these bags are designed specifically for spell use. The thickness and dark colors they come in contain the magickal energies in the bag so they do no leak out.

Here is an example spell you can use for a coltsfoot spell bag

A lucky money spell is made by placing in a conjure bag seven pieces of money, each different, such as a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, a half dollar, $1.00 bill, and $5.00 bill, all of which are sprinkled liberally with coltsfoot. Take the bag with you for seven days and your money should multiply seven times (this would give you $41.46 above your original investment ) or, in some instances if the gods are smiling in your direction, seven times seven! This would result in a tidy sum of $338.50 and seems well worth trying for

Depending on the ritual or spell you may be performing, you can sprinkle whatever herb you are using around you circle. The herbs are more of a means of representation to the energies you are performing.

For example, if you are working with a ritual circle involving healing, you would use healing herbs to sprinkle around your circle to better represent the energies of that circle.

Another purpose of magical herbs would be to use them as offerings for your altar to whatever god or goddess you hold in a sacred light and pray to. Place the herbs into your offering bowl, cauldron, or dish and place it on your altar during a sacred offering ritual, or you can place them there in the morning upon awakening, or before you go to sleep. Be sure to say a prayer to your higher power as you make the offering if it is not during a sacred offering ritual

Other Uses Of Magical Herbs In Wiccan Supplies

Magical herbs have many other uses you can use them for. Depending on how crafty you are, you can use them for potporii, mixtures in home made essential oils, shampoos, lotions, soaps, bath salts, and especially herbal teas. If you have other ingrediants you can take those and use these raw herbs and crush them up in a mortar and pestle and then place them within a mixture for your own home made bath and body products and healthy teas.

Disposing of Herbs In Wiccan Supplies

Once any of these herbs are used DO NOT throw them away or re use them for other rituals and spells. The best means to dispose of them would be to gather them back up and to place them back into the Earth from once they came by burying them. You can also simply place them on the ground, however, this is not always the best idea as depending on the herbs, they can be toxic to animals if they ingest it. The best way is to bury your herbs you have already used, this ensures that no animals will be harmed, and they will be recycled back into the earth once more.

Burning Herbs In Wiccan Supplies for disposal purposes is also not recommended. If you burn already used herbs this is considered disrespectful to the gods and goddesses. Burning ANYTHING after you use it within magick is not a good idea. The best way to burn herbs is explained above, to smolder and burn the herbs for the smoke to be released DURING your rituals and spells. Fire is a potent element, and represents many different things within magick, and depending on how you use fire for magick, it can be either good or bad. When burning any of Herbs In Wiccan Supplies or ritual tools after a ritual is performed this then represents fire as Chaos and Destruction and this is energy you do not want to bring about to you unless you are performing dark arts and black magic that focus on more destructive energies.

Disposing Magical Herbs in water such as a lake or river can be used as well, however again, fish and other water life may be intolerant to these herbs and can poison them. If you know of a lake or CLEAN water source that has no life within it you can place the herbs within the water for disposal. Another great idea would be to take them to the beach and bury them within the sand. If any crustaceans such as crabs or other scavengers comes across them they will be more suited for digesting some of the more toxic properties of the herbs.

Below is a list of the five most effective herbs for the specific rituals and spells they serve. There are literally hundreds of herbs you can use for each of rituals and spells, however, these are top ones that seems to the most effective.

Top 5 Magical Herbs For Healing Rituals and Spells

Brewer’s Yeast
Calendula Petals
Cinnamon Powder
Echinacea Purpurea

Top 5 Magical Herbs For Purification Rituals And Spells

Blessed Thistle
Calendula Petals
Cedar Tips
Red Sandalwood Chips

Top 5 Magical Herbs For Love Rituals And Spells

Rose Hips
Rose Buds & Petals
Lavender Flowers
Jasmine Flowers

Top 5 Magical Herbs For Prosperity, Wealth, and Abundance Rituals And Spells

Galangal Root
Flax Seeds
Elder Berries

Top 5 Magical Herbs For Protection Rituals and Spells

Garlic Powder
Burdock Root
Mandrake Root

Top 5 Magical Herbs For Psychic Abilities, Clairvoyance, Divination, And Meditation

Eyebright Powder

Top 5 Magical Herbs For Exorcism, And Banishing Negativity

Devil’s Shoestring
Witches Grass
White Sage

Resources and Information:

If you would like more information as to how beneficial each of the above magical herbs are to your health and ritual use, or to gain more information on herbs not mentioned here, please visit the link below:


If you are in need of any of the other items mentioned in this post such as mortar and pestles, and velveteen bags, you can find them here:

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  1. Cedar wood and tips have also been an important ingredient in incense used for purification, meditation, and a generally increased potence in magic. Today, we find that the uses for cedar have little changed. Cedar tips in particular are quite commonly used in adding a smoked flavor when used to season fish and meats. They are also often burned in fires, with the smoke used for meditational and spiritual purposes much akin to those that it was used for in ages past.
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