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How To Use Ritual Tools Part 6

Disposal Of Your Ritual Tools

When something comes off your altar, you are likely done with it. Unless it is expensive or hard to replace, you’ll likely find another one when you need it.

So when you clear ritual tools off your altar, consider passing it on.

While it’s still vibrantly alive, it will appreciate going to good use elsewhere. Plus, this relieves you of caring for hundreds of ritual tools that you never use – something that simply can’t be done properly.

Where To Pass On Ritual Tools

You can give ritual tools to other witches.

One lovely way is to have a give-away. Wrap each item, and then take them to your next ritual. Let each person there choose, until they are all gone.

This is not only a kindness to your ritual tools, but shows your appreciation for those you Circle with!

Another option, if the energy is good and the object agrees, is to give it to someone you love, as a blessing.

You can also release things to the wild. If it came from nature, you can take it back to its natural environment, if possible the place you found it.

Or you can offer them to the Goddess at a natural “altar” – a stone, tree, cave, beach, or whatever feels right. From there, their life is their own. They could end up anyplace! Wherever the Divine chooses for them, or they choose for themselves.

Before Letting Go of your Ritual Tools

Remember to give this ritual tool your thanks. It gave a lot of itself for your benefit, and receives so little in return. Show it real gratitude.

In doing so, you become more honorable, and more ritual tools are then happy to work with you.

What To Do With Expired Spells and Ritual Tools

When you’ve crafted a spell or ritual tool, and its work is done, you must release it.

Generally, it is best not to recycle spell materials, although everyone has their own ideas about this. Solid objects that can be purified are easier to reuse than herbs and feathers. Use your own judgment.

And what to do with what you can’t reuse? Give them to the Goddess . . .

In fire, if safe to burn (no artificial fibres etc),

In water, if not toxic or dangerous to wildlife, or

In earth.

“Losing” Ritual Objects

You can’t really lose a sacred object.

They may disappear, but you haven’t lost them.

When sacred items have completed the work they needed to do with you, or if they find someone who needs them more, they may wander off.

This doesn’t mean you can’t look for them, ask around, do a finding spell, and so on. But once you feel it’s really gone, let it go with your blessings, and your thanks.

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