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How To Use Ritual Tools Part 5

How To Use Ritual Tools Part 5 – Storage of ritual tools eventually plagues every witch, it seems.

The key to good storage is to remember that your Wiccan tools are sacred objects, with a consciousness of their own. They must be treated with respect.

How To Store Your Ritual Tools

Ideally, you might have a wooden chest or something similar to store your ritual tools when they’re not in use.

Ritual Chest

However, in our experience a cardboard box can work, as long as it’s a nice one, and clean. And small enough that you don’t need to pile things on top of other things.

But make it more than shoving things out of site. You could use some nice tissue paper to store them in. (Pick some up cheap at discount stores.)

Another good alternative is to find scraps of nice fabrics, and sew pouches for your ritual objects. Natural fabrics are definitely best. You don’t need to sew them yourself, of course, but pouches are very easy, and putting your care into them will convey your care to the objects that are stored in them.

Plastic mini-drawers are not recommended. Plastic is very porous and will contaminate your ritual tools.

Where To Store Your Ritual Tools

Keep your ritual tools under the altar if at all possible. Or beside it if necessary . . . as near as may be.

Altar Table

If there’s too much to fit, chances are you need to release some. This is actually always a good idea. (See Disposal of Your Ritual Tools, above.)

Resources and information:
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