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How To Use Ritual Tools Part 3

How To Use Ritual Tools Part 3- For some items, dedication may be enough. However, we think you can never go wrong by invoking the divine and other deities.

Consecrating your ritual tools is a way of setting them at a high vibrational or energy level. This protects them from contamination by negative energy, and charges them with Divine Energy. This greatly increases the item’s Power. Negative energy can GREATLY decrease any and all chance you have at having a powerful item. If there is negative energy within the item it can become a leech that will suck all your energy out of you and into it.

Consecration is especially useful for anything that may be used in healings.

You may want to consecrate your ritual tools to specific deities. For instance, Tara or Quan Yin for compassion, Kali for releasing the old, Hecate for protection, Artemis for clear focus, etc. Or you may simply align it with positive energy.

How To Consecrate Sacred Objects

After purification and dedication, you can do one of the following in sacred space, using both your imagination to visualise it and your voice to ask for it . . .

Hold the item in your dominant hand (usually the right), and focus on the purest, brightest white Light you can imagine. Imagine it filling yourself, your sacred space, and the ritual object.

Smudge the Wiccan tool with cedar smoke, visualising the sacred Power of the cedar aligning its energy with the Most High.

Pass the object “through” (or above) the light of your Goddess candle (or if you choose, both Goddess and God candles). Think of that Light penetrate and filling all the spaces between the atoms in your Wiccan tool.
After each of these, place your Wiccan tool on your object, in the very centre. Focusing on it completely, ask your Deities to sanctify this tool.

State clearly “Only the most pure Divine energy may enter and work through this sacred object.”

Hold this intent, until you feel it has completely “taken.” Then close your intent with “So mote it be! Blessed be.”

Your Wiccan tool is now consecrated.

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