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How To Use Ritual Tools Part 2

The dedication, or programming, of Wiccan tools is simply setting an intention for their use. And communicating that intention to the ritual item, making sure that you have its consent.

This cup will be my Chalice

This knife will be my Athame

I will heal with this Shell

For Grounding Energies I will use these Gemstones

And so on.
The dedication of your Wiccan tools begins in those first moments when you scan to find the right tools for you.

It continues when you pick up the items, and ask them whether they are willing to work with you, and in what way.

The purpose of dedication is to have the two of you – you and the Wiccan tool – coordinating your energies and focusing them on a single purpose. This magnifies the Power available to you.

How To Dedicate Your Ritual Tools

Once you’ve purified your Wiccan tools, take a minute or two in sacred space -” that is, still within the Ritual Circle – to quietly feel the item’s energy.

Once you have a sense of that, visualize clearly what purpose you have chosen it for. Send that image or idea into the ritual item. Ask it if it is willing to participate in this.

Then sit quietly, and open yourself to hearing its response. You may feel an increase in energy – which signifies yes, or a decrease – which means no.

Chances are that at this stage, the objects will be right on board. If so, this step serves to clarify the item’s purpose.

If The Object Disagrees

But it is possible that it rejects the idea, even now. If so, there are three likely reasons . . .
It has not been sufficiently cleansed. In this case, do a deep purification.

Your intention is not clear, or in some way harmful. In this case, spend some time exploring your intention and getting clear on what you want to do . . . and why. Divination might help, since it is excellent at revealing hidden currents.

It has a specific purpose in coming to you, but not the one you thought. In this case, spend some time with this item, and ask it to reveal its purpose to you. Sooner or later – generally, as soon as you’re willing to hear it – you’ll understand. At which point you can dedicate the object and yourself to that intention.

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