How to Build a Wiccan Altar

Wiccan Altar

Here are some easy instructions for How to build a Wiccan Altar.

First find an adequate sized table that will be used as your altar. Make sure it is clean and in somewhat good condition as it will be used for sacred purposes. Place the Wiccan Altar in an area in the room where it may receive Sunlight and Moonlight. If this is impossible due to special circumstances, simply make sure the area around is clean and somewhat tidy.

The Next step is to find an altar cloth that will go over the altar. This Cloth should be Green (symbolic of nature), Silver or Blue (symbolic of the Goddess), or Black (symbolic of the Element of Earth).

Once you have found the cloth it is time to start decorating the Wiccan Altar! It is important not to overcrowd the Altar as it will cause a chaotic flow of energy. Usually start off with one Statue of a God and/or Goddess that is to be placed in the center. It is essential that incense of some sort are offered to the statue on a regular basis. These do not have to be burned, but any kind of offering whether it be food, wine, or even potpourri, should be present beneath the statue as a symbol of respect for the Deity.

Wiccan Altar Example photo wiccanaltarexample_zps186a44ae.jpg

Next, Place two Candles at either side of the Statue. These may be seven-day candles, especially if the room has carpeting, or regular tapered candles. You may also dress these candles with essential oils charged with a specific energy. Some even go so far as to carve Sigils into the Candles using toothpicks.

Make sure your Wiccan Altar is placed in an area where it will not be tampered with or manipulated by anyone or anything. Occasionally this happens, and is not a huge deal, but interaction with the Altar should be used by the Practitioner(s) only. This Wiccan Altar is a direct reflection of your Spiritual Self. It should be treated with the utmost respect and care.

Another good idea for a Wiccan Altar is to leave space on the Table surface for Divination. It can be pendulum, Tarot, Crystal Ball, Scrying Mirror, or Geomancy, whatever method you find suits you best. Some prefer to do divinations elsewhere and not disturb the Chi flow of the Altar, this is fine and is a matter of personal preference. Everyone may have their own ideas on How to build a Wiccan altar, so feel free to be Creative!

So there you have it, some great ideas for How to build a Wiccan Altar. Have fun and Blessed Be!