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Easy Banishing Spell 2

Easy Banishing Spell

Easy Banishing Spell- Here is an Easy Banishing Spell to remove an unwanted person or unwanted negative energy from your life.


A black candle

A lighter or matches

Knife to carve into your candle (an Exacto knife can work)



Toilet or stream

A place where you can bury something in the ground.

Get four small pieces of paper and on each piece write the person’s name or the name of whatever it is you need to banish for this Easy Banishing Spell. On the opposite side draw a pentacle.

Carve the same word and the pentacle on a black candle also.

Do what you would normally do as far as visualizing this thing or person being drawn away from you and ask the Goddess for assistance.

Light the candle.

Take the four pieces of paper and burn one, saying, “I banish ______ with the power of fire. So mote it be.”

Bury another one in dirt, saying, “I banish ______ with the power of Earth. So mote it be.”

Flush one down the toilet, saying, I banish ______ with the power of Water. So mote it be.”

Then tear one into little pieces and throw it out your window, saying, “I banish ______ with the power of Wind. So mote it be.”

Let your black candle burn down.


  1. I love this, and is so some time needed. But I am wondering if it is such a good idea to use on people I have been told it is best to avoid using banishing spelling on people because you could inadvertently cause harm. I personal don’t see how this is possible if you have a clear intent to just remove the from your life. I am just wandering if anyone has any more feed back on this though? I am in the beginnings of my studies… if you couldn’t tell.

  2. Hey that’s kinda cool… you’re a fan of my website, I guess. This is Starwitch Stone from Everything Under the Moon. Out of the thousand or so spells on my site, that Banishing Spell is the ONLY one that I actually wrote myself. (I know, that’s pretty sad.) And you actually shared it on your blog! Even though you didn’t credit me or my site, it’s ok I guess since I do the same thing with most of the spells on my site (unless they come from books). And anyway, I’m crediting myself right here in your comments, lol.

    I’m very interested in your drop-shipping program. It’s exactly what I’ve needed to motivate me to open a store on my website. I can’t believe no one thought of your idea before now. I’ve been waiting for it for years (the automatically updated products, etc.) My site gets so much traffic and I know my visitors would love to have a store on EUTM. Hopefully we’ll find a way to get that set up. If you want to contact me about it, my Facebook page is the best place to reach me. I’m under the name Starwitch Stone.

    I think about setting up a store about twice a year but then I usually put it on the back-burner and don’t get around to it. The programming aspect of it is beyond my ability so that makes it challenging. But if you think you can help with that end of it, I know it would really benefit us both for me to add your store to my site. I almost feel like the whole store was designed just for EUTM, lol. (But I guess you would have contacted me by now if that were the case.) I currently only offer some Calastrology jewelry on my site and it’s not even pagan jewelry. I need better jewelry/supplies than that. You seem to have what I need.

    Talk to you soon.

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