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Black Blooded Heart

Black Blooded Heart- We here at Moon’s Light Magic are proud to announce the latest dark fantasy book Black Blooded Heart from a small independent publisher named Midnight Rise Publications.

The name of the book is Black Blooded Heart and it is a great title! Here is some info on the book:

Valdimir…The Butcher of Antamor…the First Dark Knight…Morith’s Chosen.

These are all titles of the villainous Valdimir, a once proud and just knight of Arathon that had once believed in protecting the innocent and punishing the wicked.

The first and only barbarian that ever became a knight, Valdimir had gained both fame and respect during his time as knight. All that changed when tragedy struck his life and he began to question his beliefs as a knight and began to turn towards the Death Gods for guidance…most notably, the God of Death himself, becoming his most devoted follower in life.

Having been killed over 300 years ago during the events of the novel The Curse of Silver Blood, Valdimir is brought back to life as a death knight, once again under the service of the dreaded Death God.

Valdimir’s long absence from a hugely different world then when he had once lived begins to cause him to question his faith once again, even in death.

In this gripping and emotional story, Valdimir’s life as a knight is fully described, as well as how he was raised from death itself to once again serve the will of Morith. From his joining the knighthood, all the way up to his grief stricken turn to the Death Gods, to the present time in Arator where Valdimir awakens, Black Blooded Heart is a dark and moving tale of a man who’s soul has been tainted through life’s brutal circumstances.

Will Valdimir once again bow down before Morith, or will he take his own path…forging his own destiny in a new world that still freshly remembers the atrocities and horrors he acted on in his former life?

This book takes place nearly 300 years after the events of Curse of Silver Blood, and is considered to be 10 years before the World of Arator’s current time line.

We are promoting this book because we here at the store LOVE fantasy books and settings and we enjoy promoting indie authors and publishers, especially when their titles are so good.

We have the book available on our website here for those interested:
Moon’s Light Magic-Black Blooded Heart

The book is $15.95 and is over 708 pages with two maps included.

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