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The athame is one of the many powerful tools that a witch or wizard will have upon their altar. The athame is the presence of the masculine, power and dominance. You can use your athame to set up protective barrier or banish evil from yourself or a loved one. An athame is a double edge blade, approximately 8-10 inches long with a handle made wood, stone or antler.

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It. Is important to note that if you are one who does faire magic you should avoid blades made of iron. As the fae folk have a natural abhorrence of all things made of iron. Also, you should remember to only use your athame for ritual magic and spell work.

For while your athame should be an edge blade, do not use it to physically cut anything. Respect your ritual tools, they are not for the mundane. Care for them and they shall in turn care for you. As time passes you may find that your athame will have a presence of its own. At this time it is appropriate to name your athame. You can have the name chosen upon the blade or handle. You can do it in a runic or an elvin alphabet, which I find most beautiful. So add to your collection of magical tools, go get your athame today.

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