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Of all of the tools you will use a wand is the one that will most personify you. Your wand is an extension of yourself. Which is why at some funerals of a witch who has died, there is a ceremony of breaking their tool. To use a wand, you channel your personal energy through your wand to summon the spirits or elements. Also a wand can be used to direct your energies toward another to heal them; or used in divination mostly with runes or cards. These tools are made of a variety of materials, but mostly wood or a metal with a quartz crystal of some kind at its tip. However I have seen some with other stones such as Amethyst, Aquamarine or just copper wire wrappings. A wand should be as individualistic as you are. Find yourself a good base of whatever you would like, and then add to it with stones, feathers and crystals.

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Make your wand as colorful as you would like. However unlike most tools you use, when it is not being used your wand should be wrapped up and put away either on your alter or in a sacred tool cabinet. Again your wand is less of a tool and more a part of yourself than anything else you will ever use. It holds your personal essence within it, so be careful to not let others use your wand or leave it in a place where it could be broken. On a personal note, it never fails to bring a smile to my face when I do my spell work with my wand. Because I always have a Harry Potter moment of, “I wonder if I say Wingardium Leviosa if I could get that candle to float?” And that is the point of magic, is to enjoy yourself. And trust me, a wand is the best tool to jump start you into the enjoyment of your new magical world.

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