The History of Moon’s Light Magic Wiccan Stores

How did Our Love For Wicca Become The World’s Favorite Wiccan Stores?

When Owner Joseph Barresi Wanted to Honor his Late Wife’s Memory of Owning Wiccan Stores to share with their Local Wicca Community

Moon’s Light Magic Wiccan Stores, started off shortly after the death of his wife by capturing the loving memory of Patricia Barresi. Wife, mother, friend and devoted Pagan priestess. Patricia was 23 years young and died unexpectedly in 2004. Only a mere 2 weeks after the birth of their  amazing daughter Juliana.

Determined to provide a better future for his daughter and to keep his wife’s beloved memory going, Joseph began providing Wiccan supplies, services, jewelry & other products to individuals in the spiritual, witchcraft, new age & occult communities. He purchased an Online Wiccan Shop and began alone building his wife’s dream from the ground up. Block by block, fulfilling online orders for over six months, and branding his Wiccan stores Moon’s Light Magic. Shortly after he was able to turn his own home into his first local Wiccan store around the Chicago, IL area with inventory on hand; Altar supplies, Celtic jewelry, books like the Book of Shadows, new age tarot cards & other various Pagan inventory.

Moon’s Light Magic was such a success that as the months went on NEW Wiccan Supplies were added and shipped in from all over the world. More and more people started to developed an fascination in our small Wiccan Store and all it symbolized.

Moon’s Light Magic is NOW the WORLD’S leading Wiccan Stores, combining our presence online and by storefront, to become the One Stop Wicca Shop! Continuing to grow, prosper, and do everything & anything to ensure that the Wiccan & Pagan community’s needs & happiness are met with our products & services!

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