Ritual Inks-Ritual inks can be used to help a practitioner charge spells. By using ritual ink and writing one’s intentions on parchment the ink can bind to the parchment there by charging the actual words used for the spell or ritual. Ritual inks come in different colors and makes but there is commonly a ritual ink for each specific intent or spell.

Parchment-Parchment has been used for thousands of years as a means to write important documents. Traditionally parchment was made from sheep skin as when it is dried and cured will last for many decades if care for properly and not exposed to the elements. Parchment is also used in many hand made book of shadows as parchment absorbs and holds ink very well making the writing bolder and long lasting. Parchment can also hold the energy from ritual inks there by making one’s ritual or spell more effective.

Ritual Pens-Quill and fine point pens are excellent tools to write your spells and rituals down with. The pen is the instrument that transcribes your written intentions down on paper and is also the tool that enables the channeling of energy from one’s hand to the paper that makes it possible to record a spell or ritual.&nbsp

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