Altar Cloths-An altar cloth is used by magicians, wiccans, witches, and other practitioners of the spiritual path for one or more of several reasons but none more so then to protect their altars from damage. Some individuals may choose altar cloths that are of use in the application of magic (or magick) for their color or symbolism in relation to the ritual work they are performing, or for the energy, god or goddess for which the altar is dedicated.

Sarongs-Sarongs can be used in several ways with one of them being as a larger sized altar cloth to be spread over the top of the altar. Another use for a sarong is as a wrap or covering around the waist that can be used as a fashion statement with a bikini at the beach. Sarongs can also be hung on walls and doors instead of tapestries.

Tapestries-Tapestries are used for a number of purposes but none more so then decoration. Many individuals within wicca and the craft in general use tapestries to decorate and symbolize their ritual spaces and altars. These tapestries can represent either an extension visual image of the individual or as a representation of their deity or higher power.

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